Bring Beauty

My favorite craft retailer had a sale last week. A felt kit I've been eyeing for months was finally discounted, and it landed in my cart quickly after that. I was trying not to buy anything because it's one more thing to pack, but crafts were my exception. Somehow during this season of chaos, I've … Continue reading Bring Beauty

Reflections on It’s a Wonderful Life

Inspired by the movie It's a Wonderful Life directed by Frank Capra. The radio is filled with songs about the most wonderful time of the year, but Christmas can also be a time of reflection. After all, New Years' is just around the corner. We start thinking about past Christmases, past resolutions, and past plans. … Continue reading Reflections on It’s a Wonderful Life

Stargazers’ 100th Post!

Hi friends! Today marks Stargazers' 100th post! What exactly does that mean though? What was included in those hundred posts? Let's take a quick look. In the last hundred posts there have been: 70,440 words written 112 comments 224 likes These posts also included: 42 devotionals 22 song studies 26 poems 4 short stories 2 … Continue reading Stargazers’ 100th Post!

Praise for Progress

While each of our stories is different, we're all waiting and praying for something. After a time it can feel like God has stopped listening or simply isn't going to answer. Maybe we should just stop hoping altogether. It'd be easier than dealing with disappointment. Still, something urges us not to give up. If you … Continue reading Praise for Progress

A Faith Like Joseph’s

Yet another candle has been lit, glowing purple in the shadow of the flame. It's quiet and still, but far from meaningless. Kind of like today's stage of the nativity. Joseph is one of my favorite characters in the Christmas story. What do we actually know about him though? We know he was a carpenter, … Continue reading A Faith Like Joseph’s

Just As I Am

God doesn't have a dress code. There's no discrimination in His courts. We're not required to first sanctify ourselves for that can only be done through His grace. We're not called to complete an extensive list of good deeds for we are saved by faith alone. Can we drop our feeble act? God just wants … Continue reading Just As I Am

Prayer Matters

Prayer is such a powerful thing. I mean, just think about it! We have instant access to God every second of every day! Yet how often do we use this treasured gift? When we need something? When we're scared? What about the rest of the time though? 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says, Pray without ceasing. (NKJV) … Continue reading Prayer Matters