Bring Beauty

My favorite craft retailer had a sale last week. A felt kit I've been eyeing for months was finally discounted, and it landed in my cart quickly after that. I was trying not to buy anything because it's one more thing to pack, but crafts were my exception. Somehow during this season of chaos, I've … Continue reading Bring Beauty

Bigger Story

Inspired by the song Bigger Story by Cade Thompson. When I look into your eyes I can tell that we are Feeling the same hurts hiding the same scars We’ve both got our reasons For giving up She squeezed my shoulder and looked me straight in the eye. Her gaze was gentle and never wavered. … Continue reading Bigger Story

A Dance Between Faith, Doubt, & Trust

I faced a lot of fear last week. I know that doesn't sound like something a Christian of twenty years should say. In the past, I may have even rebuked myself for being afraid. However, I'm learning that responding in fear is part of the way God designed us. The flight, fight, or freeze mechanics … Continue reading A Dance Between Faith, Doubt, & Trust

Stargazers’ 200th Post

Today is Stargazer's 200th blog post! I'm both humbled and amazed by all God has done through this blog in the last few years. There have been some hard days. Moments when I was exhausted, out of ideas, and considered taking a break. But through it all, God has been faithful. Everything I needed to … Continue reading Stargazers’ 200th Post

Between Calling and Calling Out

At a writing conference I attended last weekend, Andrew Peterson wrapped up his keynote by saying, "Sometimes we are so involved in discovering God's calling that we forget to call out." I've heard similar statements before. Well-meaning people have squeezed my shoulder and told me to stop worrying so much about my calling. Others have … Continue reading Between Calling and Calling Out

Even When It’s Hard

Some days are just hard. There's no denying it or getting around it. Other days our hearts hurt. We may not even understand why. The ache is simply there. However, no matter what emotions are stirring or what is happening in our lives, we can always go to God in prayer. In Christ, there is … Continue reading Even When It’s Hard

Door Maker

Dream with me for a minute. I want you to imagine a door at the end of a long, dark hallway. Light is streaming out from the edges, shining just bright enough to guide your steps. You stop in front and study the doorknob. It sparkles with reflected light and draws you closer. But then … Continue reading Door Maker

Reflections on It’s a Wonderful Life

Inspired by the movie It's a Wonderful Life directed by Frank Capra. The radio is filled with songs about the most wonderful time of the year, but Christmas can also be a time of reflection. After all, New Years' is just around the corner. We start thinking about past Christmases, past resolutions, and past plans. … Continue reading Reflections on It’s a Wonderful Life