Bring Beauty

My favorite craft retailer had a sale last week. A felt kit I've been eyeing for months was finally discounted, and it landed in my cart quickly after that. I was trying not to buy anything because it's one more thing to pack, but crafts were my exception. Somehow during this season of chaos, I've … Continue reading Bring Beauty

Bigger Story

Inspired by the song Bigger Story by Cade Thompson. When I look into your eyes I can tell that we are Feeling the same hurts hiding the same scars We’ve both got our reasons For giving up She squeezed my shoulder and looked me straight in the eye. Her gaze was gentle and never wavered. … Continue reading Bigger Story

Between the Brushstrokes

It was already late when I pulled out my painting box. I just needed to do something different. My spirit was wound too tight to sleep. What's more, I had a deep desire to create something with my hands instead of with my mind. Around the same time, I stumbled across a watercolor tutorial on … Continue reading Between the Brushstrokes

Remind Me You’re Here

Inspired by the song Remind Me You're Here by Jason Gray. I went into Saturday with little expectations. I just wanted a quiet day to rest my soul. Maybe read a book or work on my Bible study homework. Instead, my time was spent in an unexpected way. I painted a butterfly. My siblings were … Continue reading Remind Me You’re Here