Bring Beauty

My favorite craft retailer had a sale last week. A felt kit I've been eyeing for months was finally discounted, and it landed in my cart quickly after that. I was trying not to buy anything because it's one more thing to pack, but crafts were my exception. Somehow during this season of chaos, I've … Continue reading Bring Beauty

A Prayer in Spring

Inspired by the poem A Prayer in Spring by Robert Frost. I'm sitting on the deck, half in shadows, half in sunbeams. A bird chirps in the distance. Two more zip through the trees. Now a dog barks. I hear voices in the distance, too gentle for me to make out. Wind chimes whisper, sending … Continue reading A Prayer in Spring

I’ll Wait For You

The crabapple trees are filled with buds. They have been for weeks. But despite my patient wishing, they have yet to open. Still, I wait. The blossomed trees are a favorite sight. For weeks I'll watch the trees come alive, branch by branch. It's subtle at first with just a few green leaves. After that, … Continue reading I’ll Wait For You

I’m Still Here

I wasn't planning to write another song, but on Tuesday I got a text message from a friend. Someone close to her had died too young and too soon. I didn't know what to say. What comfort can you speak when the grief is so deep and the injustice so strong? No one wants to … Continue reading I’m Still Here

Today is the Day

Inspired by the song Today is the Day by Lincoln Brewster. It's a new year and a new day! I'm sure a lot of people are cheering that 2020 is over. However, the future remains unknown as always. It's hard to say what will happen in 2021. Personally, my new year's resolution is to finish … Continue reading Today is the Day

Looking to the New Year

As I sat in a dark room singing Silent Night with my family by the light of a Christmas tree, a holy presence stirred in my heart. It left me wondering about the new year. Last year everyone was so excited for the new year. We were going to have 2020 vision, make great leaps, … Continue reading Looking to the New Year