Bring Beauty

My favorite craft retailer had a sale last week. A felt kit I've been eyeing for months was finally discounted, and it landed in my cart quickly after that. I was trying not to buy anything because it's one more thing to pack, but crafts were my exception. Somehow during this season of chaos, I've … Continue reading Bring Beauty

Somewhere in Your Silent Night

Inspired by the song Somewhere in Your Silent Night by Casting Crowns. All is calm and all is brightEverywhere but in your heart tonightThey're singing carols of joy and peaceBut you feel too far gone and too far out of reach I wish Christmas was my favorite time of the year. Every house is lit … Continue reading Somewhere in Your Silent Night

Thank You For Everything

Inspired by the song Thank You For Everything by Jason Gray. It's a different kind of Thanksgiving. Here in Minnesota, the lockdown has started all over again. The stores are out of toilet paper and canned goods are scarce. Our COVID numbers are on the rise, and our joy is on the decline. It's hard … Continue reading Thank You For Everything

Falling Leaves & Ponderings

My coworker walked into my classroom and sighed. "Fall is my favorite season!" I smiled in response, but it was forced. I wish Fall was one of my favorite seasons. For me Fall represents a changing, an ending, and a beginning of something long and hard. Some of the hardest trials of my life began … Continue reading Falling Leaves & Ponderings

Stand, Trust, Take Courage

Don't we all long for clear direction? For weeks now I have been praying for answers. Black and white. Open door, shut door. I honestly didn't care what the answer was. I just wanted an answer! Instead, I got the opposite. Life was gray. Both doors were open. I didn't have peace in any direction … Continue reading Stand, Trust, Take Courage