Shine Your Light

I wrote this song in high school when I was fearless in my faith and boundless in my dreams. I wanted to make a difference in this world for Jesus more than anything. But I also had one particular concern. Public speaking terrified me. Being in a public speaking class that year only intensified things. … Continue reading Shine Your Light

Memories Are Funny Things

I wasn't expecting the rush of memories that hit. The plan was simply to catch up on some in depth cleaning projects. Instead, with every task I've tackled, there have been piles of memories to sort through. Some memories are happy. I found my brother's plaster handprint and my sister's favorite baby toy. I found … Continue reading Memories Are Funny Things

Stargazers’ 200th Post

Today is Stargazer's 200th blog post! I'm both humbled and amazed by all God has done through this blog in the last few years. There have been some hard days. Moments when I was exhausted, out of ideas, and considered taking a break. But through it all, God has been faithful. Everything I needed to … Continue reading Stargazers’ 200th Post

A Holy Roar

I wrote this poem two and a half years ago before making a decision I knew could potentially alter my future. It wasn't a dramatic decision. In fact, it was rather exciting. But even though I had a deep peace, I was still scared. The two emotions seemed to contradict each other, both battling for … Continue reading A Holy Roar

Even When It’s Hard

Some days are just hard. There's no denying it or getting around it. Other days our hearts hurt. We may not even understand why. The ache is simply there. However, no matter what emotions are stirring or what is happening in our lives, we can always go to God in prayer. In Christ, there is … Continue reading Even When It’s Hard

Between the Brushstrokes

It was already late when I pulled out my painting box. I just needed to do something different. My spirit was wound too tight to sleep. What's more, I had a deep desire to create something with my hands instead of with my mind. Around the same time, I stumbled across a watercolor tutorial on … Continue reading Between the Brushstrokes

In the Shadow of Your Rainbow

It was sweltering hot. The air was so thick and sticky that I couldn't breathe normally. It had been that way for weeks, and everyone at work was sick of it. But on we worked in our stone building with walls of windows that turned classrooms into ovens. Then as I walked down the hallway … Continue reading In the Shadow of Your Rainbow

Here In Your Arms

Last week at work, I rocked a baby girl to sleep. Usually, she likes to fall asleep facing me with her feet propped against my legs, her arms curled up against her chest, and her head nestled sideways in the crook of my shoulder. But this time she squirmed until her head was pillowed on … Continue reading Here In Your Arms

I’ll Wait For You

The crabapple trees are filled with buds. They have been for weeks. But despite my patient wishing, they have yet to open. Still, I wait. The blossomed trees are a favorite sight. For weeks I'll watch the trees come alive, branch by branch. It's subtle at first with just a few green leaves. After that, … Continue reading I’ll Wait For You

Write for Light

I have a hard time finding quality novels to read. So many are too dark and depressing. Some authors argue that writing about the dark parts of life gives people the opportunity to heal from their own scars. While a good point, I've always seen things a little differently. I use books as a way … Continue reading Write for Light