Faith is the Pierless Bridge

Inspired by the poem Faith — is the Pierless Bridge by Emily Dickinson. There was a picture of a bridge in that open room. It hung off to the side on a wall painted red. The bridge appeared old, made of frayed rope and shaky knots. There were no supports underneath. It simply stretched out … Continue reading Faith is the Pierless Bridge

A Dance Between Faith, Doubt, & Trust

I faced a lot of fear last week. I know that doesn't sound like something a Christian of twenty years should say. In the past, I may have even rebuked myself for being afraid. However, I'm learning that responding in fear is part of the way God designed us. The flight, fight, or freeze mechanics … Continue reading A Dance Between Faith, Doubt, & Trust

Between Calling and Calling Out

At a writing conference I attended last weekend, Andrew Peterson wrapped up his keynote by saying, "Sometimes we are so involved in discovering God's calling that we forget to call out." I've heard similar statements before. Well-meaning people have squeezed my shoulder and told me to stop worrying so much about my calling. Others have … Continue reading Between Calling and Calling Out

Crocheted Plans

I was nine when I learned how to crochet. Since then, I have completed countless projects from afghans, to stuffed animals, to scarves. Some of these projects were super intricate. It took tons of concentration to interpret the pattern correctly, make all the little pieces, and put them together. So when I found a simple … Continue reading Crocheted Plans

Live by Grace

What comes to mind when you hear the word grace? Do you think of a ballerina dressed in pink frills? Perhaps a swan comes to mine with its slow, graceful movements. Or maybe you think of an especially gracious host. While these are beautiful things, true grace is so much more. In today's world, the … Continue reading Live by Grace

A Prayer in Spring

Inspired by the poem A Prayer in Spring by Robert Frost. I'm sitting on the deck, half in shadows, half in sunbeams. A bird chirps in the distance. Two more zip through the trees. Now a dog barks. I hear voices in the distance, too gentle for me to make out. Wind chimes whisper, sending … Continue reading A Prayer in Spring

Ordinary Courage

The word courage keeps coming to mind. Like a warrior's cry, it urges me forward, but like a warning, it calls me to stop and pray. This sensation makes me wonder if God will soon call me to take a step of courage, but at the moment I'm still timid. My courage needs strengthening before … Continue reading Ordinary Courage

You Are Seen

Have you ever met one of those people who can see straight through you? No walls can block them out, and no amount of pretending can make them believe the act. When you say you're doing good, they push deeper. But they are never harsh about it. Instead, they are some of the gentlest souls … Continue reading You Are Seen