A few weeks ago, I woke to the wind pounding at my window, begging for refuge from the storm that held it captive. It howled in a mournful tune as the rain pelted the house. Although I’ve seen many storms before, this one reminded me of a storm eleven years ago. That storm sent four of our trees crashing to the ground. Every house in the neighborhood had damage. I wasn’t ready to watch that happen again. Especially now.

I had just spent the day helping my family load a gigantic U-Haul with precious possessions to take to our new home in South Dakota. That truck was so huge it stretched from the garage to the end of the driveway and took up over half the width. Except now it was sitting out there in the fray. It was heavy to be sure, but what would it do in a storm such as this? Or what if it started to hail? All our cars were out there in the open. When I went to check, the trees were standing still and all the cars were merely wet. But my heart wouldn’t settle.

So at three in the morning, I lay in bed with wide eyes praying that God would protect my family from the storm. Before I had even finished, the wind stopped and the rain slowed to a drizzle. I was told it would take three hours for the storm to pass, but it quieted in minutes. In the silence I looked up at the ceiling and whispered, “God, if that was Your doing, You’re even more amazing than I thought.” The next morning I discovered three tornados had touched down in the surrounding cities. Neighbors on every street had storm damage and trees down, but my house was completely safe. So in case you ever wonder, God still calms storms today.

Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm. ~ Mark 4:39 NKJV

Storm in the Night

I’ve seen many storms before
But this one shakes the floor
The rain is banging
And my heart starts racing
Not now
Please, God, somehow

I bolt upright
Fumbling for the light
The power is out
And lies whisper doubt
It’s all out there
Labeled handle with care

I peek through the blinds
As the wind whines
There’s my car
Thankfully unmarred
It’s safe for now
Thunder goes pow

I dash down the hall
And clutch the wall
Dad is standing there
Looking a little worse for wear
It’s fine he assures me
Three hours and it’ll pass safely

He goes back to bed
But I’m filled with dread
Something isn’t right
The lightning is too bright
But my phone never rang
And the sirens never sang

I climb on the loveseat
And take another peek
There’s the U-Haul in my driveway
But it doesn’t sway
Inside are treasures and books
Crammed into every nook

Half my world is in that truck
What if the storm causes it to buck?
But it stands firm in the fray
Not even the trees bend or sway
So I go back to bed
And rest my head

But my mind doesn’t stop
And my heart bops
Lord, I pray
I need Your help today
Please protect my house
Even as it’s getting dowsed

Keep us safe through the night
Until we wake at morning’s light
It’s all out there
Right down to the rocking chair
So many memories from over the years
Packed with hope and a few tears

If this was Your plan all along
Please don’t abandon us to the storm’s song
Louder the thunder banged
As if nothing had changed
Then it was gone
Silenced like a yawn

No more wind or wails
The storm’s ship had lowered its sails
The rain drizzled lazily
And fatigue met me hazily
We’re safe now
And I knew how

God, I pray
If that was You today
You’re even more amazing
Than I could begin phrasing
There was a storm in the night
But in an instant You calmed my fright

So just in case I ever wonder
I’ll remember this night of thunder
When a frightened prayer was heard
And was quickly answered with a word
It seems miracles come in many forms
Yes, Jesus, You still calm storms

All is Grace, Esther Noe

Storm in the Night Quote

P.S. If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to like, comment, and share! In November of 2020, I wrote a blog post about a different storm. You can read it here.

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