I have a hard time finding quality novels to read. So many are too dark and depressing. Some authors argue that writing about the dark parts of life gives people the opportunity to heal from their own scars. While a good point, I’ve always seen things a little differently.

I use books as a way to escape from life. They help me focus on something else for a while. Yet at the end of a book, I still walk away feeling whole and healed in some way. Why? Because my favorite books are based on truth that remains true in any situation.

At a writing conference some years ago, bestselling author Jonathan Friesen said, “Writers shine light on the light switches of the world.” Writers cannot force readers to heal, nor can they make physical changes in their lives. Our responsibility is simply to offer hope and shine light on the light switches in their lives. That way when readers lift their eyes from the pages, the path to healing is a little clearer. That’s what this poem is all about.

Write for Light

Too dark for the eye to see
That’s what surrounds me
Pages of despair I turn
Characters’ hopes burn
It’s difficult to see

Too dark for me to conceive
That’s not why I read these
Pages filled with gore
Characters treated in ways I abhor
It’s difficult to see

Too deep for mortals to flee
That’s what drives the writer in me
Pages, plots, and stories I write
Character arcs to prove it’ll be alright
I’m trying so hard to see

Too thunderous like the sea
That’s why people need stories
Pages to escape to worlds anew
Characters hurting yet getting through
I’m trying so hard to see

To be the ultimate key
That’s how powerful books are to me
Pages filled with truth and beauty
Characters bound by love and duty
They help me see

To set others free
That’s what books are meant to be
Pages written with powerful light
Characters who never give up the fight
They help me see

To bring me to my knees
That’s why I read stories
Pages filled with hope
Characters with courage to cope
Now I truly see

To strengthen me
That’s how I’m set free
Pages of my life unfold
Characters with stories untold
Now I truly see
The light switch in front of me

Today I write for light
To give others the courage to fight
So that one day they too will see
How God offers to set them free

All is Grace, Esther Noe

Write for Light Quote

P.S. If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to like, comment, and share! In August of 2020 I wrote another poem about writing called God, I Will Steward Your Words. You can read it here.

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